Your favorite blonde theologian is now a brunette😁( attached a pic).Stay tuned this week for my blog on friendships and the lonely path and next week will be on reprobation-Is God active or passive? Merry Christmas to my brethren in here!

In Christ, Lauran

“She will bear a son, and you shall call his name Jesus, for he will save his people from their sins.” Matthew 1:21

Author: lauranlou

Teaching women to study Scripture, love theology and to glorify Christ!

9 thoughts on “Update!”

  1. Reminds me of the time years ago when I shaved off my beard long after my bride had gone to sleep. She woke up, snuggled over and almost immediately jumped out of bed! Did you surprise the hubster in such a way? And … it’s been a while … I trust all is well. And when you get a chance, pop on over to my blog. There was a four-year absence but I’m back writing again. You’ll likely shake your head, I’m sure. But that’s okay. I am where I am.

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    1. Long time, no see! Are you still on FB? Ha! He was a bit surprised.. I showed up without telling him at church on a Wednesday night😅 I may not stay dark for long but it has been a good change for the winter. All is well..many valleys lately but the Lord is bringing good out of them. Would you believe I’m not as cage stage now and have simmered down? Lol..please send your blog link so I can check it out. Pray you are also well..

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      1. Simmered down? Oh, say it isn’t so. I’ve missed the feisty comments and memes from Lauran (with an ‘a’). Yes, still on FB and occasionally comment on what I would consider an outlandish statement regarding UE. You know- that’s my ‘button’. Glad you found the link … I’ll likely be using some of the letters I had previously sent you as a basis for new posts. Feel free to comment and/or challenge. I welcome discussion and will always be cordial and civil even when, as is likely, we’ll disagree. Take care and here’s to wishing you and yours all the best.

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      2. I’m still feisty sir. Not sure that will ever go away. Thankfully the Lord has given me a very patient husband.
        Thanks for reaching out any for being so cordial and civil. That’s a rare thing these days. Look forward to reading and responding..or more like refuting (😉) your posts.

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      3. It would be an honor to receive a Lauranlou refutation. I might even call it ‘bragging rights’! Also, for now I’ve only advised a few folks on Sot_101 of the MMM blog. Unless you state otherwise, I won’t mention that this is where you’re at. Your name came up recently … and remembering your mantra was ‘women need theology’ you were quickly uncovered with just a few clicks. I’ll admit to affectionately referring to you as “Ms. Meme” – one of which I still shake my head at: Calvinism is true, breath if you agree. Bill Walters, Cindy Hudson, myself and a couple of others appreciated your passion and participation in the group. But I understand that such a forum isn’t for everyone. I have had some good exchanges with Calvinists within that group. But on the whole, at least for now, I’m preferring to post on my own blog. So, by all means, do subscribe and you won’t miss a thing. Be well!


      4. I’m glad you guys miss me so much! I actually thoroughly enjoyed the group, wasn’t sure if they enjoyed me.🤣 That is my motto. women need theology! Just as much as men. I have a huge folder of memes I’m dying to drop in there..stay tuned and I may just may pop back in.

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